Product Care

Our leather bags and clothing are made with carefully selected materials and handwork makes them artistically imperfect, thus unique and special. We believe that any wearing marks are part of the charm and story rather than fault, showing that product is used and loved. However, we kindly advise to take delicate care of handmade items using leather care products in beginning of season. Leather is covered with water protection layer, but after rain it dries out and loses humidity, therefor we recommend to use cream to ensure it keeps its elastic properties. Avoid contact with dye-transferring materials, as regular frictions can leave strains on light leather and fabric. Keep your bag in the dust bag or box for protection during storage.

Ensure your bag is not heavily pressed while storing, so that it can keep its shape. Do not overfill your leather bag, as it may lose shape. Avoid exposing your accessory to water, oils, fragrance or make-up.

Over time you may see creasing or color changes, all of that are natural properties of leather. Avoid constant exposure to harsh light, as it can cause fading of the color.

Follow these instructions and see how taking care of leather products prolongs your enjoyment.

For any questions and problems – contact us, we are happy to serve you! You are in safe hands with us!

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