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Best bags and leather in town! Italian leather,excellent taste, brave colors and amazing combinations! Superb quality!
Excellence, diligence, quality, professionalism, personal attitude, working speed ... these are the words that characterize ANNAKRUZ.
My most favourite is emerald green PARIS collection bag. Leather is so soft and the design – thoughtful, made with special attention to the smallest nuances.
Bags are so different, each carries its own personality. Highest quality of handmade luxury class bags.
I Love their slogan “You can shine with ANNAKRUZ” because it’s so true. When You own one of their bag You just can’t stop!
I've been following this brand since it started its business. And I can say nothing but good. How they have grown, they put all their hearts and soul in work they do.
Oh, their work is so amazing. I got my first bag years ago, now I have 7! They are my favourite leather bag brand. So in love!
Five stars for everything – bags, clothing, service, communication skills. They know what they are doing. Pleasure. Well done.

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